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The Anal Fisters

Liberating America One Charred Building at a Time...

Liberating America One Charred Building at a Time
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We will shove our bloody fists up your glory hole.
"fucking_right", 4th floor masturbation triads, anal fisting, anarchy, anti-authoritarianism, anti-factory_farming, baby consumption, bicycles, blocking traffic, borking, burning down har mar, chewing_off_eyelids_to_hinder_blinking, chopping down flags, confectioner's "glaze", corking, critical mass, dead babies, dumpster_fetuses, dumpsters, fight club, full rectal penetration, glory holes, god, graffitti, human flesh consumption, i raped jesus, jesus masochisim, killing_rich_kids_(and_caulking_their_ass), liberation, liquid nitrogen, lumberjack on lumberjack, mindless destruction, modifying suvs, mud wrestling_in_experimental_pesticides, nailing_those_who_stop_global_whining, necropedophilia, need_someone_"special"_yeah_unngh, need_something_special, piloting_the_floating_dead_baby_island, pirates, pissing_off_the_fucking_3rd_floor, propane bomb, pulling_out_my_nines_and_regulating, rapes, raping jake, reading, rejected, rockabilly, satanic_literature, sexual taricotta architecture, shit vats, smashing_television_with_industrial_might, sticky fingers, subversion, sweet_and_succulent_baby_boy_strips, tagging, the black potato, the_screams_of_a_hundred_burning_orphans, thieving, vegan, vegetarian, wrenching cops